Chai Takatak, Garhdiwala, Hoshiarpur
99158-44413, 98153-70013

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The first restaurant of Chai TakaTak was opened at Garhdiwala, Hoshiarpur in the year 2022. We serve freshly brewed chai in eco-friendly kulhads by carrying on an old tradition of drinking chai. For our visitors, we offer a variety of teas, beverages, and other food items at reasonable prices. We always make sure our visitors are satisfied and pleased with the services we provide. Our goal is to reach different cities in India and provide people with high-quality services.

 Chai TakaTak aimed to reach a large number of tea lovers and provide them with a variety of tea flavours with a traditional Indian twist. We are currently looking for franchisees in all parts of India to let people taste our chai. We want to connect with partners who are committed to our restaurant and will assist us in reaching out to Chai lovers throughout India. Collaboration with Chai TakaTak is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to start their own business. In India, a large number of people drink tea, and we are one of the best providers of freshly brewed tea to satisfy their tastebuds.

Chai TakaTak Franchise